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Crystal/Stone Spears

Crystal/Stone Spears

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Obsidian is commonly used for its grounding and protective properties in magick. It is utilized to shield against negative energies, promote emotional healing, and aid in spiritual transformation and growth.

Sodalite is commonly used for its properties of enhancing communication and promoting mental clarity. It is a popular crystal for improving self-expression, fostering harmony in relationships, and stimulating logical thinking and intuition.

You'll receive: one spear shaped stone, in your choice of obsidian and sodalite, approx 3g, 30mm in a recycled brown paper zipper envelope.

 Please note that the items you receive may exhibit variations in size, color, and overall appearance from the pictured items. The photographs provided on our platform are intended to offer a general representation of the product, but the specific item you receive may differ to some degree. We assure you that we take great care in selecting and inspecting each item to meet our quality standards. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form.
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