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Litha - Blended Essential Oil

Litha - Blended Essential Oil

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"Litha is a reminder that within us resides the spark of the sun, capable of illuminating our path and guiding us towards our true purpose." 

Unleash the power of the summer solstice and connect with the radiant energy of the sun with our Litha ritual oil. Our own blend of citrus oils with a hint of cedar, this oil is carefully crafted to enhance your Litha celebrations and infuse your sacred space with warmth, vitality, and joy.

You'll receive 5mL of blended essential oils, therapeutic grade, diluted to 1%, with organic sunflower oil making blend skin safe, in an amber glass bottle with choice of cap top, glass dropper, or rollerball. Bottles come in a recycled paper zipper envelope in case of leakage.

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